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We’re pioneers joining industry and academy with the purpose of fostering R&D mainly at natural resources sectors. For this, we finance applied R&D projects, oriented to generate a high impact in the sectors to which they are oriented, and thereby contribute to the development of the country.

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FishExtend SpA--Loreto Valenzuela-PUC

FishExtend SpA: Desarrollo de tecnologías para la extensión de la vida útil de pescados y mariscos f…

Fitodepuradores Mixotroficos-Sergio Rodríguez-FDM

Fitodepuradores Mixotroficos: Una nueva tecnología para el reciclaje de RILes de Acuicultura

Nuevo clarificante para vinos-Natalia Brossard-PUC

Nuevo clarificante para vinos: Proteínas seleccionadas para aumentar calidad sensorial

Liposomas anti inflamatorios para tratar alergias-Leandro Carreño-UCh


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