Since this year Copec-UC Foundation increases R+D funding granted to researchers from all over the country.

It was announced by its Chairman, Roberto Angelini, at 2018 Competitions launch of the entity..

The entrepreneur headed next to UC Rector Ignacio Sánchez the ceremony where the calls were opened for the three competitions held every year by Copec-UC Foundation.

Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism José Ramón Valente highlighted this strategic alliance between Copec Companies and Catholic University as an example to follow to support applied research in Chile.

In his speech, Angelini was particularly proud of the work done in these 15 years by the Copec-UC Foundation “in which we have committed to the mission of promoting and developing science-technology research to innovate in the country’s natural resources.

In this line, the focus has been on the financing of applied R+D projects through an open invitation to participate in different types of annual competitions: Applied R & D Competition, Contest for researchers Young and Apply Your Idea, aimed for Higher Education students.

As in any field, it is always necessary to review what we’re doing and, if necessary, adapt to the new requirements. In this way, our Foundation made an important change in the bases of its competitions of R+D+i to facilitate and accelerate the transfer to the industry of the results of the projects that have the potential to generate a high impact

This is how as of this year, the Regular Contest will grant 4,000 UF, expandable to 8,000 UF and the Young Researchers Contest will grant 3,000 UF, expandable to 6,000 UF, within four years“.

This year we will continue with the contest “Apply Your Idea” oriented to support innovation ideas of Higher Education Students from all over the country in order to approach and enthuse these students from an early age to challenge of research and innovation”.

In this ceremony was held the award ceremony for 2017 I+D+i Contests seven winners corresponding to various institutions such as University of Santiago de Chile, Fundación Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo, University of Chile, Fraunhofer Chile Research and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, who will receive funding for two years to develop their projects.

Received their prizes corresponding to the Regular Contest the researchers of University of Santiago, Federico Tasca and José Zagal, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “Non Precious Metal Catalyst for the Cathode of Fuel Cell”; the researchers from Science and Technology for Development Foundation, María Inés Becker and Augusto Manubens, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “Biotherapeutic formulated on the basis of antimicrobial peptides as an assistant to eliminate or reduce the use of antibiotics in salmon farming”; researchers from Catholic University of Chile Patricio Romero and Esteban Ramos, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “New Precursors and Processes for Atomic Deposition by Layers of Nanostructured Cathodes for Lithium Batteries” and researchers from Fraunhofer Chile Research, Derie Fuentes and Carlos Saffie, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “Decrease in the use of antibiotics by administering synergistic mixtures of antimicrobial peptides and antibiotics”.

Corresponding to the Young Researchers Contest received recognition from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Héctor Osorio and Juan José Fuentes, Manager and Alternate Manager of the Project “Nutraceutical rich in omega-3 based on selected populations of microalgae”; from University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile researchers Leandro Carreño and Pablo González, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “Development and characterization of anti-inflammatory liposomes as a tool to treat allergies” and researchers from University of Santiago de Chile, Carla Trigo and Luis Cottet, Manager and Alternate Manager of the project “Determination of the efficacy of lytic bacteriophages for the biological control of important pathovars of Pseudomonas syringae”

During its 15 years, the Foundation has supported 98 projects. This has resulted in the delivery of more than CLP$7,000 million to finance these initiatives. In the field of intellectual property we have applied for 50 invention patents in 15 countries of which 15 are already granted in 6 countries. Four technological-based companies have been created from the R+D projects, one of which was presented in this ceremony by the researcher Loreto Valenzuela. Likewise, 11 signed license agreements have been obtained, 33 international experts have been brought into the country in a diversity of avant-garde science and technology topics through the International Seminars organized by the Foundation during the month of November of each year.


Applications for the Regular Competition of applied R+D projects in the field of natural resources in its 16th version are open.

All companies, universities, research centers and individuals who have domicile in the national territory, may apply to this contest.

The selected projects must be innovative and solve some relevant problem in the field of natural resources. The prizes of the contest reach UF 4,000 and business management consultancies.

The application deadline is until May 8th</ strong>. A brief project profile must be completed on the web More than one project profile may be submitted by an institution.

Until July 29</ strong> is open the call for the Young Researchers Competition in which researchers under 40 years of age.

To apply, a brief profile of the idea must be completed online and if it is accepted, it will be required to complete the project.

In its 7th version this contest includes awards of up to UF 3,000 for each project as well as support in technical aspects, intellectual property and commercial management, so that the proposed initiative can develop and generate a real impact in the sector to which it is oriented.