Oriented to higher education students who have a current registration. The proposals must aim to solve a problem in the Natural Resources field through an R & D project.

All Chilean and foreign natural persons residing in Chile who are students enrolled in a higher education institution domiciled in the national territory may submit proposals to the “Apply your idea” contest that is: Universities, Technical and Professional Institutes.

It is also included under the concept of “student” all those who are studying a master’s degree or a doctorate.

The prizes are:

  • CLP$1.5 million per winning idea, a workshop for the improvement of the proposed idea (project profile)
  • CLP$1.5 million additional to the best profiles and fast-track in the contests of the Foundation (up to 3,000 UF) for the development of the R+D project.

Once enrolled, the applicant must present the idea of R+D+i through the format of “elevator pitch” (video of 3 minutes) which must be uploaded to the web platform prepared for these purposes. It is possible that the idea represents a group of students (maximum 5 people).

All inquiries can be directed to the email concursos@fcuc.cl

Selection criteria

  • Be a higher education student (Universities, Technical Training Centers or Professional Institutes) with a current registration.
  • Chilean and foreign natural persons, residents in Chile, domiciled in national territory