• How do I apply?

    A brief profile should be filled out in our online platform. In this first stage, the eligibility of the project will be evaluated, according to the terms. Then and if it is selected to proceed to the next stage, a complete project will be requested.

  • Will the Foundation keep ownership of our project?

    No, the Foundation will only participate in the future benefits (economic and non-economic) generated by the project, in a percentage that varies between 25% and 35%, according to the level of TRL met at the time of application.

  • Can you apply if you are not associated with the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile?

    Yes, the Beneficiary may be any natural or legal person (companies, universities, research centers or excellence, start-ups, etc.) with a domicile within Chilean national territory.

  • What level of progress should my project have to be eligible?

    A project is eligible as long as it has developed, at least, a proof of concept with empirical evidence or intermediate results that can be verified. That is, at the time of applying must be at least 3 TRL.

  • What is TRL?

    Corresponds to a measurement system developed by the NASA used to assess the level of maturity of a particular technology. Each project is analyzed according to the parameters of each level and a TRL score is assigned based on the progress it has at the time of applying. The TRL has nine levels of scientific-technological development listed from TRL 1 to TRL 9. It is important to point out that the Project reaches a specific level of TRL when it meets all the requirements of that level and manages to complete the evaluated activities. For example, a Project reaches the TRL 4 level when the proof of concept is successfully validated in a controlled environment.

  • Can a Project Director submit more than one project?

    Yes, the Project Director or Alternate Director can belong to more than one project within the same contest or, even, of different contests. Likewise, a project postulated to the Regular Contest can apply to the Contest for Young Researchers, and vice versa.

  • Do I need to have the support of the Beneficiary at the time of applying?

    Although the letter of commitment is not necessary to be attached in the first stage (Profile), if it must be delivered in the second stage (Project). For this reason it is important to start managing it from the beginning.

  • Why do I have to apply for a 2-year project if it says it can be extended to 4 years and double the budget?

    It is important that the application is made based on a project whose progress is made in 2 years and with the budget mentioned in the bases (UF 4,000 in the case of the Regular Contest and UF 3,000 for the Young Researchers Competition). The expansion will be analyzed and adjudicated at the end of the 2 years and if the Project has fulfilled all agreed milestones, following a procedure communicated in due course.

If you have more questions, send them to concursos@fcuc.cl.