The Foundation is composed by a Board of Directors and a specialized and flexible Administration, which are complemented in their management with a Consultative Council and a Commercial Committee, in addition to the advice of experts in technical, commercial, legal and intellectual property management aspects.

The structure of the Board of Directors is presented below.

Roberto Angelini


Ignacio Sánchez

Vice Chairman

Pedro Pablo Rosso


Eduardo Navarro


Jorge Andueza


Pedro Bouchon

The Consultative Council of the Foundation is made up of 18 outstanding professionals, who contribute their experience both in the academic and in the business world, to which the Executive Director is added as Secretary. Its objective is to advise the Board of Directors in technical, scientific and economic matters related to the generation of new projects and activities in the field of innovation, as well as to contribute to the development of initiatives that add value to the institution and its collaborators, allies and beneficiaries.

The structure of the Council is presented below:

María Angélica Fellenberg


Raúl Benaprés

Gloria Montenegro

Claudio Elgueta

Jorge Ferrando

Raúl Feliú

José Ricardo Pérez

Roberto Hetz

Erwin Kaufmann

Luis Hernan Tagle

Ricardo Schaffner

Patricio Arce

Fernando Bas

Gustavo Lagos

Gareth Owen

Andrés Lehuedé

Susan Bueno

José Ignacio Depassier

Experts in commercial management and in the development of new businesses make up this Committee, whose mission is to advise the management teams of each research project, in order to achieve a successful commercialization of their initiatives.

Francisco Lozano


Leonardo Ljubetic

Jorge de Llano

Rodrigo Huidobro

Liliana Vildósola

Jorge Brahm

Diego Peñafiel

Camila Valenzuela

Paula Frigerio

The management of the Foundation is headed by the Executive Director and involves Management of Administration and Finance and Corporate Affairs, the Commercial Management and Communications and Public Affairs Management.

The first is responsible for the control and management of projects, as well as the administration of the Foundation. The second is responsible for the commercialization of the supported R+D+i projects. The third manages the organization positioning and public image.

Alfonso Cruz

Executive Director

Jonathan Núñez

Administration, Finance and Corporate Affairs Manager

Atilio Ziomi

R&D Project Manager

Constanza Zülch

Communications and Marketing Manager

Isidora Insunza

Transfer and Marketing Manager

Paulina Burgos

Deputy Director for Administration and Finances

Scarlett Gho


Sebastián Rodríguez

Investment Fund Manager Portfolio Manager