COPEC-UC Foundation is a strategic alliance between COPEC and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, created to foster scientific and technological development in the country.

Its mission is to promote research and the development of solutions that respond to problems relevant to society.

To achieve this task, the objectives set by the Foundation are:

  • Foster and support applied research for the generation of value in the Natural Resources sector.

  • Promote the creation of strategic strategies for growth and innovation in Natural Resources in the country.

  • Disseminate advances in science and technology in the field of Natural Resources in the national community.

COPEC-UC Foundation conducts a series of activities framed in three lines of action:

  • Financing of R+D projects applied through calls to different types of annual competitions: Applied R+D competition, Young Researchers competition and other financings currently in design.
  • Technological diffusion and innovation activities, being the most important the International Seminars of innovation and technology in the field of Natural Resources. This type of event is designed and executed with the highest scientific level, where the entire community making innovation in Chile is summoned.
  • COPEC-UC Risk Fund, a fund for innovative projects based on technological developments. More information at

COPEC-UC Foundation is the only private collaborative organization in Chile, which accompanies the research team from the beginning of the R+D project, encouraging the initiative and guiding it towards the search for real and specific results which translate into a benefit impacting on society.

The above is possible thanks to the project financing, accompaniment, and specialized “tutoring” by a group of experts in their work areas (Support and Comercial comitee members) looking for the concretion of fruitful results with real social and economic impact for the country and with a lower associated risk.


Its objective is to finance project expenses supported by the Foundation, which have already completed their research and development phase and still need to carry out “Technological Packaging” activities to enable their commercialization.

This fund is for the discretionary use of the Foundation and must go through the authorization of the Commercial Committee, considering the commercial development plan of the respective project for that purpose.