Consumers prefer fresh fish over frozen ones. However, this occurs far from where they are consumed, so that the consumption life is depleted during transport and marketing, the latter goes hand in hand with the increasing consumption of Chilean salmon in the world. In 2018 alone, Chile exported US $ 4.728 million of salmon products and 100 thousand tons per year are exported to the US. In parallel, new markets are opened that seek to meet the demand for fresh salmon in countries such as Russia and China, which are limited by the problem of product preservation.

With this opportunity in mind FishExtend has developed, edible liquid coating and natural ingredients, extending the consumer life of fresh salmon from 16 to 26 days.

It is applied before packaging, by spraying in a barrier to oxygen, water and microorganisms.


  • In 2018, Chile exported US $ 4.728 million of salmon products (13.6% more than 2017)
  • More than 100,000 tons of fresh salmon are exported annually from Chile to the US.
  • National salmon exports doubled in the last 10 years, so a considerable market opportunity is detected.
FishExtend: Made from natural ingredients, does not affect taste, color, or texture.

Development State

The product is in a prototype state. The next step is validation and packaging to begin product marketing.

Salmon without FishExtend after 14 days.
Salmon with FishExtend after 14 days.
Comparison table in Salmon with and without the presence of FishExtend. According to microbial growth due to storage time at 0º C.



Experts in Biopolymers, Chemical Engineering, Safety, Food and Business Engineering

  • Yaniel Cardero: Chemical engineer